How do I entertain myself? Well, sometimes I entertain myself by pretending to listen to what a person is telling me so that I don’t end up hurting their feelings by showing complete disinterest. It’s mainly entertaining because most of the time I am imagining a giant Orangutan spanking the shit out of that person’s ass until it becomes as red as their teary face.

Why am I even listening in the first place if I don’t want to? Now that is an interesting question.

Ever heard something being repeated so many times that eventually you become more open-minded to it since so many people believe it? I for one definitely believe that Empire is a pretty insane TV show even though I haven’t seen it, mainly because so many people have told me that it is. There’s this thing that has been making the round for quite some time now; it’s got to do with listening more and talking less. Apparently, when you listen more and talk less, you become wiser in the process. From my personal experience, I’m going to have to go ahead and call horse’s bollocks on that one.

Today we have a generation of “listeners”, people who are good at listening because they believe that hearing everybody’s opinion is a smart thing to do because they will learn more in the process. But what exactly are you trying to learn more about…what other people think?!

The main reason I have a problem with being a listener is because I don’t necessarily believe that it makes you smarter, on the contrary, I believe that it dulls you down. In the process of listening to what everybody has to say, I believe that you get a little lost. There’s too much to hear and too much to think about as it is, and you’re spending this time instead on paying attention to what other people think? I don’t think that the people who changed the world wasted their time paying attention to the opinions of others.

Listening will not make you smarter. We all have an inner urge of wanting to talk, and the people who ignore this inner urge end up having to go to a shrink to be able to do that. You’ve got to express yourself and that is why talking is so essential.

I think that making yourself a “listener” means losing some part of your identity because that means that you are no longer desperate to be heard or to make your own place. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?



About Banda Mann Singh Lamba

I'm here to create art in the form of words. Come, take a dip in my day dreams.
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