Alarm clocks and attitudes.

“Oh my god what the fuck is that sound! Goddammit, I’m gonna break somebody’s fucking face for this bullshit!”

The alarm clock didn’t give a fuck. He was a tough guy. If there was an award for “The individual or thing that doesn’t care about what other people think”, then I am sure that it would go to an alarm clock. The shit that you give them in the morning doesn’t intimidate alarm clocks. They aren’t intimidated by the fact that they might get broken for doing their job correctly, and might get broken for not doing it as well. Alarm clocks are brave guys. Some of them are girls as well. I guess I should probably mention at this point that alarm clocks are non-living things, but you probably know that already (unless there is something wrong with your brain).
I’m going to go right ahead and say it: there is probably something wrong with my brain because my alarm clock is definitely a living thing.

My alarm clock is a particularly annoying little bugger. He is worse than one of those friends that you have who keep shoving motivational quotes down your throat, mostly because there is one such quote written on him and it is the first thing that I have to see every morning.

“Attitude is Everything.”

It was a Saturday so I had the privilege of turning that alarm off and going right back to bed. My alarm clock and I usually have a lot of conversations with each other. They are one sided and involve a lot of abuses, which are obviously directed towards the individual who does his job so well that it annoys me.
How do we create our attitude, I wondered as I saw the text on the alarm clock’s face. An attitude makes a person, but how is the attitude made?

That’s quite an interesting question actually because its kind of like asking yourself how and why you have become the way that you are, except it’s a lot more specific than that.

I feel like your first impression towards something is the point of origin of your attitude towards it. The first time I had a pineapple, I hated it. I still hate it and that is my attitude towards the fruit. Your attitude towards something is determined by your first experience. But then again, attitudes change just like people do. So what is an attitude? What is the difference between a person and an attitude? It’s kind of hard to articulate when you think about it because you know the answer, but just don’t know how to put in it words. It’s like asking somebody to clarify the meaning of the word ‘if’. Can you explain what that word means without using it? It’s hard, but it’s do-able.

I think that our attitude is the purest form of our personality. It isn’t affected by what other people think. What we do may end up being affected by others, but our attitude towards what we do remains independent of anybody else. You know they say: an attitude can never be cloned because each one is unique, and that is why each person is unique. I said that, by the way. Write it down somewhere so that you can impress a friend with it.

Nowadays I don’t believe in listening to my conscience, I only believe in listening to my attitude. It’s the easiest way of determining what’s really going on with myself.

This was the first time that my one-sided exchange with my alarm clock was so thought provoking. Doesn’t change my attitude towards him though because I still hate him for waking me up every morning, even though that is exactly what I bought him for.


About Banda Mann Singh Lamba

I'm here to create art in the form of words. Come, take a dip in my day dreams.
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