Daily Prompt: Confused

via Daily Prompt: Confused

The blues guitar wailed in the background. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows with the rise in the pitch of each note. It was spot on! Too bad he couldn’t see the brainchild of that piece, picking away at his guitar like he was picking away at the very fabric of the moving strands of emotion in his soul.

Was he confused? Yeah of course he was. It’s hard being born without the sense of vision yet having to visualize everything that is in front of you.

Have you ever wondered what results you would get if you were to ask a blind man to describe something that he has never seen before? How would he describe a car? How would he describe a lamppost? How would he describe a stream of light illuminating the dust particles embedded in the air?

The things that seem to interest us the most are not things, but realities. Each reality is as real as the other, but each one is as different as well. We find it fascinating when somebody gives us a completely new take on something that we thought was once commonplace. But this new take isn’t interesting for the person that gave it to us; it is merely their way of looking at things. Every single thing about us is so interesting but we don’t yet realize it because of how used to we have become of being ourselves. After a while, the same thought ceases to interest because we know it so well. This is why another person’s reality is so interesting: it is because we know nothing about it.

He was fascinated by the world because he could not see it. Sometimes he wondered how different the world would look from his version of it, had he been able to see.
But each day he found a seed of discontentment growing within him. Each time he closed his eyes, he saw the same thing that he did when he opened them: the darkness. A layer of dark so strong, that it sucked up any light that came its way. He was so confused.

The thing about confusion is that it persists only until we are able to find answers. But what then of somebody who can never find the answers? What happens to somebody like that? Does he spend the rest of his life finding the answers to his questions so that he can ease the burden of wanting to know more or does he just give up wondering about things and learning about new things?

Confusion is one of the heaviest emotions to carry. It’s worse than looking back at the past and wondering what went wrong. It’s even worse than looking around you and asking yourself if any of this even means anything at all.

Confusion is the blind man that lives within us. Every now and then he tries to imagine what is around him, but can never see his surroundings as they really are. The only thing that sustains him is how the people around him describe the world to him. At the end of the day, he knows that he will never see things as they really are.The blind man is confused about where he stands in this world. How can you make something your own if you can’t even see it?


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