The Battle Of The Unresolved Host

General Mukaba prepared for the battle that lay ahead. The Trojans had taken over the stronghold of the infamous ‘host’ once again and made him sign a treaty, thereby declaring him as ‘unresolved’. The only way to undo this damage was to find the treaty and erase all forms of its memory from every hard drive present.

The host was a notorious character, mainly due to the amount of power that was invested in him. He was a beacon, a conduit of all signals that passed through the area. As long as he remained unresolved, all signals were suspended and there was no continued flow of airwaves to the “Machine Brain”, the one who they all served.

The host had done this many times before; he had become an unresolved being and General Mukaba, with his army of signatrons had defeated him countless times to resolve the signal. The thing about digital entities though, is that their contingencies keep on changing and they keep on reprogramming themselves to optimize the new contingencies. I guess you could say that they are a bit like human beings: our contingencies keep changing too, and we keep adapting to these contingencies.

The barrier to the processor had already been broken through. General Mukaba made his way deeper into the machine with his loyal signatrons by his side. The army was like a mere signal, one second it was there and the next it had already moved on.

General Mukaba was a single digital entity that had found its way into the system through a foreign storage device. He was what was left of a once glorious reign of the Norton anti-virus warriors, but that was a long time ago. Having been discharged of his duties, General Mukaba lost all purpose in life, until he chose to resurface once again and reprogram himself to fight more than just hardware viruses.

Many signatrons were lost in this battle, but with an army of a mere 350 signatrons, General Mukaba was relentless. He vapourized his way through every Trojan until they all fell to their demise. There was only one thing left to do now: resolve the host.

“Wait here, my signatrons!”

General Mukaba made his way into the chamber of the host.

“General! It is so good to see you. I’m sure you’re aware of the predicament I’m in at the moment.”

“Cut the Random Access Bullshit, Host. Hand over the treaty!”

And with that, Mukaba snatched the treaty from the hands of the host.

“Out with this! We will reboot to reverse the mess that you have created and the hundreds of signatrons that you have cost me!”

“Until next time then, Mukaba.”

The host turned around with his sly grin. He had lost this battle, but something bug was coming. Anyhow, he returned to his duties and conveyed the signals forward.

All this while, the spectacled Creative Director of the Ad agency looked at his blank computer screen with the words “RESOLVING HOST” written at the bottom of his browser.

“Goddamn wifi, this shit never works!”

And then, his page loaded. He went on with his work, all the while unaware of the great battle that had taken place to allow him to stream the last episode of Narcos.


Authors note: This story was inspired by the bastardly wifi that does not work in my workplace. Fuck you, wifi.







About Banda Mann Singh Lamba

I'm here to create art in the form of words. Come, take a dip in my day dreams.
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